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HDR Photo Pro

A professional photo application for editing and creating great pictures!
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HDR Photo Pro is an all-in-one High Dynamic Range (HDR) photographic application designed to helping you rapidly and easily produce great photographic images.
HDR Photo Pro, a revolutionary High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging software will solve this challenge, by helping retain extended details that would otherwise be lost back into your image. The method is simple, the photographer takes three or more steady bracketed photos: one normal-exposed, one over-exposed and one under-exposed. The extremely quickly rendered result contains rich details and vivid colors without introducing anomalies such as halos or other blemishes. These are but a few of the strengths of HDR Photo Pro.


- HDR Photo Pro is designed to minimize the work in producing photo-realistic HDR photos and make the HDR imaging workflow extremely easy. Additionally, HDR Photo Pro provides a preview of the images in your working folder, making your workflow that much more convenient. Furthermore, HDR Photo Pro tags color Flags and Suffixes on each preview image to indicate clearly which one you are working on, aiding you in your photography.
- HDR Photo Pro has more than 30 sliders for you to completely fine tune and control your final images. From curve adjustment, color balance, color temperature and tint adjustment, lens correction, highlight/shadow adjustment, white/black point adjustment, noise reduction, just to name a few, many levels of fine tuning are available. Most digital photography processing tasks can be easily done within HDR Photo Pro and the results are so good you will not need to use additional editing software, saving you still more time.
- The HDR Photo Pro Batch Processing Engine is not your typical "one size fits all," instead each set of images is handled dynamically. Each subject image is analyzed and suitable defaults are then applied accordingly. This allows you to use batch processing in a more powerful and direct way, thus saving you countless hours of unnecessary manual adjustments. And, yes, you can vary the processing rules for the batch process.
- HDR Photo Pro includes a sophisticated RAW converter and supports RAW files captured by major companies -- more than 150 camera models from Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Panasonic and others, as well as those using Adobe (DNG), such as Ricoh.
- HDR Photo Pro is the first HDR software providing comprehensive Color Space Management. You may need to go out and buy a new monitor to be able to see the full range of rich, full color depth and intensity HDR Photo Pro provides.
- You will not want to keep these images to yourself, so we have made it easy for you to directly share your amazing HDR images to social media and photo sharing websites. Your albums in Flickr and Facebook can be updated without leaving HDR Photo Pro. Once you are satisfied with the photos processed in HDR Photo Pro , you can upload them with only one click.

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